In Preparation for first Live Video Conference AMA with our new CEO Alex David Bart!

We are excited to announce the first steps taken by our new CEO, Alex David Bart, in leading our company towards continued growth and success. We will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Friday, March 31st, 2023 at 3:33pm CET (Antwerp, Belgium) in our Telegram chat. This will be an opportunity for our community to ask any questions they may have about our company, our vision, and our plans for the future. 

To make the most of this opportunity, we encourage you to prepare your questions in advance. You can submit your questions via this link. Additionally, you can vote for the questions that are most important to you, and we will prioritize those with the most votes.

In the upcoming weeks, we are thrilled to reveal to our community the significant goals we plan to accomplish.

One of the first steps that Alex has taken is the onboarding of a new Vice President of Global Business Development. This new addition to our team brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise that will help us to further expand our reach and impact on the global market. We will present this new member of our team in a separate press release in the coming days.

In addition to this exciting news, we are pleased to share that we have signed a preliminary term sheet with an anchor renowned Venture Capital investment fund. This investment will provide us with the financial support we need to further our growth and development as a company, and we are excited about the potential it holds for us. Likewise this news will be expanded on shortly in more detail.

As we move forward, we will also be vetting and announcing new projects that we are working on. Our team has been hard at work, and we are confident that these new projects will help us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our industry.  Alex has engaged his network in Belgium and the rest of Europe and even Asia to source more and higher quality projects for our pipeline.

We want to assure our community that we have not forgotten about the development of our DF Platform. Our tech team has been actively working on its development, as well as establishing partnerships and building our DF Club.

It’s worth noting that the development of Smartlands took five years. However, with our dedicated tech team, we were able to develop DF Platform in just six months of rapid development. In fact, our team is faster and stronger than ever, constantly pushing the boundaries. We are confident that our DF Platform will be a game-changer in the DeFi space and are excited to share more updates with our community as we move forward.

Finally, we are proud to announce that we will be launching a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ESG (Enviornment, Social, and Governance) program in the coming weeks. As a company that is a committed to making a positive impact on the world, we believe that it is important to take responsibility for our actions, to lead with example and to work towards building a sustainable future for all.

In conclusion, we are excited about the first steps taken by our new CEO, Alex Bart, to lead our company towards further growth and success. We are confident that these key milestones will enable us to achieve our goals and make our company more transparent and effective. We will keep our community informed with more details in the following weeks, so stay tuned for updates!

P.S. – We have been working in stealth mode on a secret project and it is a new blockchain made by a very talented and renowned architect.  We hope that our community and the entire world will be ecstatic by the innovative new technology we intend to pioneer together with our partner for the betterment of all of WEB 3.0 and DeFi.