Smartlands Wallet is on

We are pleased to announce that the Smartlands Wallet is now added to the list of Stellar-based wallets on the official list.

The Smartlands Wallet with Stellar decentralized exchange capabilities is designed for investors in assets issued on Stellar network, prospective investors in asset-backed tokens issued on the Smartlands Platform, current and aspiring SLT holders, other members of the community.

Being in the list of Stellar wallets is important for better awareness of Smartlands Platform and building trust of the Stellar community. What is more, community members with software development background can check the Smartlands Wallet’s code on GitHub as it is an open source application.

This is good time for Smartlands team as it coincides with the recently released update of Smartlands Wallet with many new features embedded.

The update provides a better user’s experience thanks to the adding of the payments history tab, recent trades table on the exchange tab, making some improvements in the exchange layout and releasing an update of the mobile version.

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