Smartlands Conducts FREE Webinar – The Future of Investing: Unlocking Liquidity Premium Through Asset Tokenisation

After two years of cuts, bruises, sticks, and stones resulting in a highly successful use case, Smartlands possesses truly unique expertise in the realm of digital securities offerings on the blockchain. Do you want to know ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘what’, ‘how long’ and ‘how much’? Join us on September 24 at 17:00GMT+1 for a FREE live webinar The Future of Investing: Unlocking Liquidity Premium Through Asset Tokenisation and ask ALL your innermost questions to our esteemed panellists.

Two of them you know very well. Arnoldas Nauseda and Ilia Obraztsov will take centre-stage and shine in their new capacities as Chairman of the Smartlands Board (Arnoldas) and CEO of Smartlands (Ilia). We have committed this internal change realizing full well that Smartlands is facing new challenges; thus, the team is transitioning into a new phase. Arnoldas Nauseda as the New Chairman of the Smartlands Board will focus on the Holding’s overall strategy while Ilia Obraztsov, as the new Smartlands CEO, will obtain all necessary authority to continue improving things on the side of our unique proprietary technological solution. 

We wholeheartedly congratulate both and wish Arnoldas and Ilia to conquer new heights in their new roles. Oh, and soon we will have really encouraging news as to who is going to head up the sales team in our London office.

Back to the webinar, the other participants that we are thrilled to have as guests and panellists are:

Graham Rodford, Archax CEO. Archax is a new regulated institutional-grade exchange for trading security tokens.

Myles Milston, Globacap CEO. Globacap is an automated capital markets platform for digital securities.

Max Dilendorf, attorney, Co-Founder of Dilendorf Khurdayan, PLLC – practical and effective legal solutions for innovators and visionaries in Blockchain, Real Estate and Private Capital.

We will discuss:

  • The state of security token industry and regulations
  • Address some of the biggest concerns for investors in the digital securities space
  • The myths and reality of ‘liquidity premium’
  • Take a close look at what investors can expect from an STO in various jurisdictions (focusing on US and UK).

Please, note that the seating is limited to 100 (one hundred) guests, so it’s in your best interest to reserve your seat in advance.