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Smartlands monthly roundup: July newsletter

Hi everyone, we hope you are enjoying the summer days!
We can assure you it’s really hot in Ukraine.

To sum up, what Smartlands has achieved during the last month we’ve gathered this newsletter and offer you to look through our technical updates and other articles.

Smartlands Tokenization Platform: Functionality Update.

We reported that another release of the platform functionality had been made. It includes KYC verification, which is the mandatory process of identifying and checking the client’s identity when opening an account with any financial institution.

The KYC process covers passport or ID card verification, face verification, and proof of address check according to additional paperwork such as utility bills, bank statements, tax documents, payroll or insurance statements, and residency certificates.

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Smartlands Ukraine LLC: subsidiary company registered.

We announced the opening of our registered subsidiary company in Ukraine.

Smartlands Ukraine LLC will represent all business activities of the Smartlands Platform Ltd. in Ukraine and is a major part of our plan to turn Ukraine into a profit center for Smartlands.

With the creation of our LLC subsidiary in Ukraine we now have a much stronger story to tell as we disseminate our real estate investment concept to Ukrainian-based investors.” — said Martin Birch, Non-Executive Chairman of Smartlands Platform Ltd.

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SLT Wallet Relaunched!

The Smartlands technical team was pleased to unveil the much-anticipated SLT Wallet.

The upgraded wallet was rebuilt to comply with the Smartlands platform architecture, and now our smart contracts fully reflect all the latest changes in Stellar protocol. At the same time, we aimed to preserve the layout visually familiar to our users.

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SLT Wallet: How to start.

This month we relaunched our wallet, so we have written a piece of simple advice on how to start using it.

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SLT: what type of token is it?

In this article, we outline our standpoint for the SLT type and give more clarity on the difference between staking and investing as it is now.

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We continue our educational work among the business audience in Ukraine.

In our new videos:
Slava Boyarkina, the head of the Kyiv office of DC Privilege, co-owner of IMC Investment Company, on investment funds and how they work with Ukrainian regions. (In Russian with English subtitles)

Volodymyr Vorobiov, Managing Partner of Quantum Attorneys, for Smartlands: on business tokenization(In Russian with English subtitles)

More videos with partners and the team to follow.


As always, please, feel free to give us your feedback on social media or the telegram community. We appreciate your involvement and interest.

And see you soon to give you more news on our ambitious projects shortly,

Smartlands Team