Recap of the Financial business Forum in Kyiv

February 25, 2021: Smartlands participated in Financial business and FinTech Forum: Synergy of Interaction.

Smartlands is a pioneering alternative investment platform, launching its project in Ukraine. It is essential for the first movers to share the knowledge and educate the market to ensure the cohesive and sustainable introduction of blockchain technology to the financial system.

This week our CEO, Ilia Obrazcov, took part in the online Forum and panel discussion during The Financial business and FinTech forum that was hosted by Vadym Hetman, Kyiv National University of Economics, The Association of Ukrainian Banks, and INTENS Institute for Development of Innovations.

Ilia Obrazcov presented the platform of alternative investments in asset-backed security tokens on the blockchain. During the panel discussion, Ilia highlighted the importance of the new digital assets legislation that will definitely ensure leading fintech status for Ukraine.

The video of the Forum is available on YouTube, the working languages are Ukrainian and Russian.

The aim of the Forum was to determine the ways of interaction between FinTech and financial business.
The program of the Forum covered the following points:

  • New business models for banks, partner ecosystem, and model of a bank as a marketplace
  • Neobanks and their future
  • Digital currencies of central banks and their impact on the banking business
  • How digital technology is changing the insurance business
  • Cybersecurity trends in the financial sector

The key audience of the Forum was represented by the management of banking and non-banking financial institutions, IT specialists, cybersecurity specialists, scientists, and university professors.

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